Mission Statement

Little Giants International Kindergarten delivers the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with a very child centred approach. Our learning environment has been specifically designed to cater for the EYFS curriculum and to encourage our pupils’ natural curiosity and sense of awe.

We nurture and develop the self-esteem within all our pupils so they are confident to problem solve through challenging tasks and willing to express themselves creatively in all areas.  All Kindergarten activities and Reception lessons are thoroughly planned with our pupils’ needs in mind. Our teachers’ ‘guide from the side’ approach means that pupils have the freedom to question their findings and develop a sense of independence in their learning.

We have small class sizes accompanied by qualified teachers to ensure an ideal environment for pupil progression. We naturally have high expectations and aspirations for all our pupils and it’s our mission to see them succeed in fulfilling their individual potential.

The Little Giants’ ethos aims for our pupils to develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and aims to nurture the belief that, collectively, our ‘little’ actions can have a ‘giant’ impact for the world around us.

We encourage the belief in our pupils, that they are the future and the world is in their hands.