Little Giants – FAQ

  1. What does a daily school routine look like?  The daily timetable is different for each class. For the older children (3-6 year olds) the maths, literacy, craft and outdoor play take part in the mornings and science, physical education, art and language class are in the afternoons. The 2-3 year olds learn through play based activities focussing on language and communication, expressive arts, numeracy, literacy, the world around us, physical development, and personal, social and emotional development.


  1. Is there a planned program? Is it possible for me to have a copy so I can track what my child is learning and reinforce it at home? A learning journey is on website showing a weekly overview of your child’s learning. Spelling and reading words will be sent home weekly. Your child’s class teacher will also message what they will be learning on a weekly basis.


  1. What happens if my child wakes up with the sniffles? Is it okay to send them to school if they have no fever or any other symptoms? Yes we will accept child with coughs and colds, but children with a high temperature, sickness or diarrhoea will need to stay at home. Please refer to our illness and medication information in the handbook.


  1. Do I still need to pay fees for the days my child is off sick? Yes, if your child is off for a short period fees will still have to be paid. However, if your child is off due to long term illness fees will be reimbursed. Please refer to the fees policy for further information.


  1. What happens if school falls on a public holiday? Do I still need to pay fees?  There are 215 teaching days. We have taken into account some public holidays. However, if you have further religious or other unforeseen circumstances your fees will be reimbursed accordingly.


  1. What happens if we go away on holidays? Do I still need to pay fees? If so, at what rate?  We suggest holidays to be taken when Little Giants is closed. School fees will still need to be paid if holidays are taken during school time and you have chosen the monthly, half yearly or full year payment plan. The daily fee can be chosen, which means only the days attended are paid for.


  1. Do you require that my child be vaccinated? We expect all children to have the relevant vaccinations throughout their time with us.


  1. What would you like me to pack into my child’s school bag? Your child does not need a school bag, as a bag will be provided and is left on their peg at school. Your child will be provided with a reading folder to carry their book, spellings and words, and any shared information. Snacks and water will be provided by the school. Spare clothes, nappies and wipes need to be left in school in the bag provided.


  1. What is the class size? How is it arranged (as in the different age groups and levels of ability)? We currently have four groups, playgroup (age 2-3) nursery (age 3-4) reception (age 4-5) and year 1 (age 5-6). Children 2-3 will have one member of staff for 5 children. Over 3’s will have one member of staff for maximum 8 children. There are always at least two members of staff in each room.


  1. Do the children have snacks/meals? If so, what will they eat? We will provide a healthy snack every session and water will be provided throughout the day. Meals will be provided for full time children and a weekly menu is available on our website. We will feedback to parents daily regarding what their child has eaten.


  1. What if an accident or injury happens at school? We will ensure any accidents will be dealt with and reported immediately. Pleases refer to our accident policy for further information.


  1. If my child is at school all day, how do you organise nap/sleep time? We have a relaxation period after lunch providing quiet time for those who require a nap. We will record how much sleep your child has and feedback daily. If your child does not require a nap, they will join in with the afternoon activities.


  1. What is the fee structure? How much does it cost per day or week? When should I pay?  Payments are based on a yearly fee. It can be paid in full, half yearly, on a monthly basis or a daily payment can be made. Fees will need to be paid when the invoice is issued prior to the beginning of the month. 11 payments need to be paid therefore when the school is closed fees will still need to be paid. Please refer to our fee policy for up to date fee prices and the calendar for payment dates.


  1. Are there any resources you would recommend we use to assist our child along their learning journey, toys, books, websites, videos, apps etc..?  We will be using the Chip, Biff & Kipper books and provide the necessary words for your child to practise at home (age 4-6). We use Ruth Miskin for phonics for our letter sounds (age 3-4). The learning journey will share our themes and the books we will be reading each week. There are many useful Apps and Websites for your child to use, we will provide a list of our favourite ones on our website. Please feel free to share the ones your child enjoys.


  1. What is the orientation procedure? What do we need to do on the first day? An enrolment meeting will be held where information will be shared, staff introductions will be made, a tour of the school will be given and the necessary paperwork will be completed. Please refer to the handbook for more information regarding the settling in period.


  1. Are all the staff qualified teachers? We have 2 qualified foreign teachers, 1 EFL teacher, and all our Vietnamese teachers have a degree in early Childhood as required by the Education Department. All staff are first aid trained.


  1. Do you offer language lessons (other than English)? Yes, we offer Vietnamese too. Vietnamese speaking and listening is part of our curriculum and we also offer Vietnamese writing as an after school class.


  1. If my child is not yet toilet trained, how do you encourage this journey? Do you change nappies? We will follow the routine established by the parents, potty training or using the toilet. We will insist of leaving plenty of spare clothes and wipes at school. We will inform parents daily on the times of changing nappies and the number of soiled nappies.


  1. How is feedback on my child’s learning journey provided? How often should I expect this? Our teachers complete the Learning Journey for each child at the end of each block. This information is fed back to the parents in January and again at the end of the school year.


  1. Do you give children ‘screen time’? If so, how much per day? Children will have no more than 30 mins screen time throughout the day. We may read stories, sing songs, dance and watch a relevant animation relating to our theme. We will share with you any Youtube clips and stories we read for you to use and enjoy at home.


  1. How do you handle negative behaviour? We believe in using positive praise and rewards but we may have to use a quiet spot if we feel your child is not responding to a quiet word. We will support the parent if they have other methods which are already in place at home and may work in our school too. We will record and feedback daily regarding any negative behaviour. If behaviour consists we will hold a meeting with parents.

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